Posted by: kerrywills | November 5, 2010

Dependents aren’t just for taxes

In today’s world of IT projects there is no such thing as a ‘stand-alone’ project. That is, all projects have dependencies to other projects, vendors, organizations, processes and technologies outside of their immediate scope. Dependency management is a crucial component of any project.

Managing dependencies includes several aspects…

  • Identifying that there are dependents and who they are (you can always use Maury Povich to help identify dependents)
  • Understanding when the dependencies need to be in place
  • Planning in advance for these dependencies including setting up a mechanism to track their progress
  • Having frequent checkpoints with the dependent areas to gauge progress and issues

Even though areas of dependency for a project may reside in a different organization or project, if they are missed then we run the risk of missing our dates. At the end, the customer or sponsor doesn’t care that one part of a project missed their deadline – they will still blame us for the miss so it is in our best interest to manage these dependencies closely.


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