Posted by: kerrywills | August 20, 2010

Consultant speak

I find myself using many of the same work phrases that I have picked up over the years as a consultant and thought it would be interesting to catalog them.  Here is what I can think of so far…

  • Federated model – to share responsibility across many different areas
  • A robust solution – something that has a lot of features
  • Keeping our ducks in a row – making sure that the work is lined up
  • Don’t want to boil the ocean – not trying to do too much
  • Development opportunity – a performance problem with someone
  • Bandwidth – capacity of a person to take on work (also known as looking what is  “on their plate”)
  • Out of pocket – not available, although I never understood this one
  • Low-hanging fruit – getting easy things done first
  • Thinking outside of the box – being creative
  • Folks – team members

Ok my ducks are in a row - now what?

I am sure that I missing some so please feel free to comment with them…


  1. Robust soution to me mean something a little different. I think about a solution that is fast from a performance perspective. Also a sulution that resolves a long term problem vs short term. One that is easy to maintain as well. Sometime robust can also mean how you defined it as well.

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