Posted by: kerrywills | August 6, 2010


For those that have read my book or this blog you should see a common theme that I strongly believe in – diligence. In every aspect of a project (business analysis, design, build, project management, etc) there is a lot of work to do and the only way to be successful is to be diligent with the work. I call this “SOTS” or “Stay on Top of…..Stuff”

I find that problems start when people get overwhelmed and can’t stay on top of their work…

  • Work gets rushed and has poor quality
  • Work slips through the cracks and gets forgotten
  • Items don’t get followed up on and remain open
  • Commitments get missed

In my opinion it is extra critical for PMs to SOTS because they are the ones tracking and managing all of the work. If PMs are not on top of issues, risks, action items, deliverables and commitments then progress slows down and commitments get missed. I spend hours a day just staring at my project plan and issue/risk/action logs making sure that open items get closed and dates get met. I certainly believe in personal accountability of the team and that I shouldnt have to follow up on work but I also view it as my job to ensure that it all gets done.


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