Posted by: kerrywills | July 2, 2010

I am “Linked In” are you?

One of the key skills outlined in my book is a consultative approach which is based on a relationship focus. Business and especially project management is so driven by relationships that it is critical to review relationship management as part of our jobs. That is why LinkedIn is such a great site/tool. It allows professionals to connect which provides many benefits…

  • Getting updates as to what people are working on
  • Finding candidates for open roles needed on our projects
  • Researching people before meeting them to understand their backgrounds, interests and skills
  • Using connections to find your next opportunity
  • Connecting to peer groups and discussing current trends

I have used LinkedIn to get employees for past roles I had open, as a promotional vehicle for my book, as research on people I was about to meet and to stay connected to colleagues.

Are you connected?

I see it as a critical resource for managing my network and getting access to resources.

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