Posted by: kerrywills | June 11, 2010

WFT meetings

In this world of business acronyms, I have one that I use often. It refers to certain types of meetings that I have at least 2-4 of every day. These are “Waste of my F—- Time” meetings. These relate to meetings that…

  • Could have been resolved in a quick phone call
  • Focus on topics which do not relate to my work
  • Focus on a broad range of topics where my piece is only a small amount of, but I have to sit through the rest of anyway
  • Focus on an administrative activity which a 2 page powerpoint could cover and I could read offline vs someone reading it to me
  • Involve a person reading out loud a document that was sent beforehand and that I already read

Just think of all the time we waste

The problem with WFT meetings is that they take people away from their value-added work and deliverables. There needs to be a conscious focus on efficiency during the day and a focus on value-add activities. The irony is that as people get more overbooked with work the only way to get time with them is to schedule meetings, and the problem perpetuates itself. If you don’t get rid of the “WFT” meetings then you will miss important dates and management will be asking you another acronym – “WTF”!

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