Posted by: kerrywills | March 27, 2010

Running a project marathon

The most important assets that a Project Manager has are their team members. A Project Manager must recognize that the ideal of the team working for them is no longer appropriate. What is more relevant of a way to think about it is that the project team is doing the work and the Project Manager should support them by making sure that the issues raised and risks identified are addressed.

I like to think of the project as a marathon with the entire team running together. The Project Manager’s role is to look ahead of the road and make sure that everyone can keep running, are moving at a sustainable pace, are well hydrated and are willing to keep going until the end. Their job is to motivate and support the team to keep running as opposed to just yelling from the sides to go faster. They also clear the roadblocks ahead in the road (e.g. issues and risks) to keep the team from slowing down their pace.

Keep them running

Having this mindset will allow Project Managers to see themselves in more of a supporting and coaching role than a directing role.


  1. […] nature of projects can be a marathon, as Kerry Willis once wrote. Marathons require planning, preparation, pace, endurance and time management, all things projects […]

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