Posted by: kerrywills | March 19, 2010

People who shouldn’t be Project Managers

As I watch the news I can’t help but to think that there are some people that are just not meant to be in the Project Management profession. Here is a short list that I compiled and some reasons for why they would not make good Project Managers.

  • Tiger Woods – Has challenges managing scope. Specifically he has allowed too many unapproved change controls to his stated commitments. The end result will be severe financial losses on his project
  • Octomom – Does not manage scope well and accepts more than the project resources can handle
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Does not solicit feedback from the team or manage stakeholders well
  • David Letterman – Hard to be a good PM when you are impartial to all of the female team members
  • Kim Jong Il – Doesn’t have an external communications plan
  • Saddam Hussein – Was not managing his risk plan very well and as a result had significant challenges on his projects in Kuwait. Also hard to manage a project and interact with the team from a hole in the ground.

I don't need a Steering Committee or to send status reports

It would probably be unfair to only focus on people who would make poor Project Managers so let me also recognize someone who would make a great project manager – Captain Sullenberge (“Sully”) who was able to calmly land a plane in the Hudson river and save all 155 passengers on-board his plane. He is someone that has demonstrated the ability to remain calm and meet his commitments.

Feel free to comment if you can think of others



  1. What are your thoughts about President Obama? It seems that he tends to drive his plans in PMI Project management framework way however do you think he has overcommitted in terms of scope and schedule both, given budget is constraint for him!

  2. […] last year I posted a blog entry of people who should not be project managers. It is time to add some more people to that list and, as with last time, explain why they might not […]

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