Posted by: kerrywills | January 2, 2010

The project safari

In 2001, I went on a safari through the Serengeti in Tanzania. Like the Serengeti, projects also have many different species of animals. In this article, I will take you on a project safari and help to identify the indigenous creatures based on their Latin name. If you look carefully in your own project safari you may also be able to spot some of these creatures.

Problemis AlltheTimis – These species are interesting because they seem to make everything a problem. Every task is an issue, every date is difficult, every relationship is strained and everything is someone else’s fault. These creatures like to travel in packs of misery and may be contagious if bitten. Best thing is to observe them from afar and not get surrounded by their pack.

Knowitallis Selfpromotis – These animals need to tell people what they know at every situation as well as how much experience they have as well. They will seem to know all of the answers and have done every role that someone else can think of. They are most comfortable in a habitat where they are at the center of the pack. They are also closely related to the “Knowitallis Selfpromotis OneUperitus” species.

Cantdoit InTimeus – This is a member of sloth family. No matter what the schedule is they always seem to need more time to complete it. These are also the same creatures who leave at three every day and wander around to other creatures habitats (cubes).

Socialis Butterflyis – These are friendly creatures that spend a lot of time on the phone, getting coffee or at other people’s desk. Their natural predators include management.

Detailis Lowestlevelis – This animal spends a lot of time in their natural habitat, the weeds, and rarely sticks their heads out to look around. These animals do not like uncertainty.

Can you spot the project species?

These are the “big five” animals of the project safari. I am sure that there are others and would be interested in hearing comments of the ones that you see as well. Happy hunting….


  1. Kerry,

    Great spotting skills. I only realized the other day that you had been in Africa in 2001. We came the other way and immigrated to USA in Jan 2001.

    I have also spotted Fire Fighteris. This creature does not both to plan the path and frequently requires others in the group to run hard and fast when a fire flares up that constitutes and avoidable emergency such as waiting until Friday afternoon to inform the pack that a weekly status report is due before end-of-day.

    The Knowitallis Selfpromotis group are hard to work with. I think this species exhibits behaviours resulting from a lack of self-esteem and would benefit from a visit from the Wildlife Whisperer.



  2. How about SMEusWithoutClueus?

    Often mistaken for Detailis Lowestlevelis or Cantdoit InTimeus, this creature has one outstanding talent or ability, but lacks the capacity to implement or even visualize it within the constraints of the project environment.

    Some SMEusWithoutClueii are trainable; others resist being pulled from their burrows, causing the dreaded Project Black Hole.

    Deborah Ketai

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