Posted by: kerrywills | November 16, 2009

Tip: The Community Plan

Within project planning, I like to create a “community plan” where a one-page plan is created and then posted on everyone’s desktop or a central wall for all to see. This is a technique that can be used at most points in a project, but up front is probably the most genuinely received and beneficial.

The community plan is made up of two parts – having the team create it and then having it posted for all to see. By contributing to the community plan, team members then have ownership of the dates rather than feeling like the dates were given to them from management. People have a hard time committing to activities that they didn’t help to plan out.

Also, by seeing all of the activities and dates, the team can understand the context of their work and be reminded of when upcoming deliverables are due. This seems simple but oftentimes the plan is hidden away in a file folder and the team members don’t even see it to know what the dates are or the other activities happening within the project.

1Like the town clock of ancient times, all of your ‘villagers’ will be looking at the same clock and all know exactly what time it is.

Note: This tip was published as a contribution from Kerry Wills in PM Crash Course by Rita Mulcahy (2006)


  1. Completely agree with this tip which we used successfully to execute projects at The Hartford – Claims IT and Specialty IT. Publicly stating the goals with everyone’s input is a good way of ensuring ownership and driving a project to completion as scheduled.

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